Friday, March 29, 2013

UPDATED: France: the laziest country on Earth

Today, I had planned to go to Germany to do some shopping and kill the time I have before Tristan gets here (he took a later train because of the expense of Easter weekend). I was going to go to NordSee for lunch and then buy food for dinner and more yarn and basically wonder around killing time because I have nothing better to do (well, I probably do but I'm in a kind of boredom loop because I haven't worked since Tuesday because I get Wednesdays off and then my two morning classes were cancelled (I was told in advance! How crazy!) and then my noon class was cancelled when I emailed my adviser to remind her that I was coming and then I showed up to my afternoon class only to find that there was no one there.)
Anyway, so I get ready and go to the bus stop to catch the bus (after looking up times on the website). I am going to take the 12:57 bus. 12:57 comes around, no bus. 1:00, no bus. 1:05, I'm getting nervous-- what if the buses are cancelled? But why would they be? The weather is fine. Could they be on strike? But wouldn't they have said something on their website, in big letters? 1:10, no bus?! So I pull up the website on my phone, scroll over to the news where it says in little tiny letters that the "offices" are closed from Friday through Monday. Which is kind of ambiguous, but I haven't seen a single bus, and my bus is 20 minutes by now. Seriously? This is the bus service! You can't just cancel it for 4 days! For a holiday that lasts one day? Really?
And now that I think about it, the school has been oddly silent today and looks kind of closed up. So they are taking 4 days too. But Kathy, you say. American schools often get a week of vacation near Easter. Your right they do. But I'd like to remind you that French schools take 2 week vacations every 6 weeks. It's a wonder they ever get anything done.
Mostly I'm angry because now I don't get to have NordSee for lunch. :(
Here are some pictures of other wonders I'm missing out on:

Silly waving rabbits

Awesome Bunnies in an awesome pet store.

Really positive scales that are kind of insulting to others that speaks English  because Germans are a little bit too willing to use English at the expense of their own language.

Guess what else was closed on Friday? If you guessed EVERYTHING. You win the prize of knowing that your country is better than France. I realize this is an itty-bitty town, but I really don't understand why the grocery store couldn't be open on this day (which I know realize is Good Friday). French people aren't religious! So why on earth are they observing a religious holiday? Why would the supermarket be closed on Good Friday? In fact, France has this whole "laiicite" thing which is like the separation of church and state only to a really crazy extent. Like you aren't allowed to wear any religious symbols on public property (especially schools): i.e. no cross necklaces, no yarmulkes, no burkas or head scarfs. The idea being that in order to guarantee equal treatment your must appear to be all the same. In reality, this is rather unequally enforced. Like small symbols like cross necklaces aren't very noticeable and therefore are allowed (I have seen a few of my students wearing them). Yet, they put up a Christmas Tree in the school and apparently can't bring themselves to work on a holiday that most probably don't celebrate anyway. It makes no sense. Also, everyone is taking off today (Monday), too. Probably because they already get Sunday off and it's "not fair" that they don't get an extra day off for the holiday. (I'd like to point out that this means the Grocery Store has been closed 3 out of the last 4 days!). 
Anyway, since this whole Good Friday off thing took me totally by surprise, I had no food. So Tristan and I were forced to order Dominos for dinner (thank god they stayed open!). NOMNOM

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