Monday, March 25, 2013

Munich and the Last day of our Christmas Vacation Trip

January 3, 2013

The next day, we planned to take pictures of the main of attractions of the town, most of which we'd already seen. But it never hurts to see them again! We made sure to make it to the Rathaus by noon because that's when the old clock did it's animatronic dance.

We were a bit early, however, which resulted in the purchase of a really silly Munich Oktoberfest drinking hat. 

Yeah, it's pretty silly.  
Tangent: I totally saw a kid wearing a hat like this today when I was walking to the grocery story. I almost believe I hallucinated it because it was really weird. He nodded at me like, "yeah, I see you've noticed my hat. Isn't it awesome?"  It was weird.

Anyway, the whole cuckoo-clock-like thing was a little underwhelming. But considering when it was made, I can see why it is considered to be so amazing. 

This building, like many buildings in Germany, was rebuilt after the war.  And it was rebuilt a little cheaply, so it looks a little silly up close. But anyway, much better than some other places that had to be rebuilt where they just gave up and went with a "modern" (i.e. ugly cheap 60/70/80s) look (*cough* Mulhouse *cough*).

YOU SHALL NOT PASS! - We also call this the Gandolf hat.
After getting lost, even though we had already been there and going in a complete circle (which I blame on Tristan. Just kidding, love you Tristan.) We finally ended up here: 

This is where the "Beer Hall Putsch" (ie the first time Hitler tried to take power happened, I think.)
That night we spent a lot of time at Saturn (which is like the German Bestbuy) because Tristan wanted to buy some German cds and they had this deal going on. And after that, we finished up at Augustiner where we had a beer and yummy sausage meal. It was a great end to a wonderful vacation.

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