Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Well, that's quite annoying"

This is sort of a continuation of my last post about France. The quote is from one of my favorite teachers to whom I told this story. My internal response was "You're telling me! This happens all the time!"
This morning, I had a class at 8 am. I hadn't heard anything from the professor, so honestly, I kind of had this feeling that it would be cancelled. But I dragged myself out of bed at 7:30 anyway to go to class. When I arrived, the teacher (my adviser) exclaimed "Oh! I forgot you were coming today!" And I was like *sigh*. Then she said that she wasn't planing to do anything that day because reasons, and she would ask if anyone wanted to go work with me instead of doing nothing. Of course, NO ONE DID. I didn't even want to -- it's a lot of pressure to take kids who gave up fun for you. Also, another teacher who also routinely cancels class (but at least usually informs me a few hours beforehand) tells me his 12 o'clock class is cancelled. This is not a surprise to me because I think I've taught a total of like two classes of his since Christmas. All in all, I am teaching 5 of my twelve hours this week (granted 5 of them were cancelled in advance, but I picked up and extra class, so I should have taught 8 hours).
 Anyway, I am of two minds about this whole cancelling classes (at the last minute thing). On one hand, yay! No class! I think it's probably human nature to like being told "you don't have to work today" (and I still get paid, by the by (thank god! or else I would be screwed.)). On the other hand, let's face it, I already have too much time on my hands. And work is kind of like working out: before you do it, you are like *pout, pout, I don't wanna go. Sweeepies*, but then you go and it makes you feel good. Also, the fact that I'm constantly having classes cancelled completely kills my work ethic in terms of preparing things for the classes which I know are routinely cancelled. I generally think of a back up plan (which is usually one of the various games I have devised and found) and then arrive and see if the teacher suggests something for me to teach, then I might wing it (which works surprisingly well). But it makes me feel lazy and like I'm not doing a particularly good job at this job.

Unrelated picture. Yesterday I went to Germany. Just across the river there is a smallish mall that has a huge (Walmart-sized) supermarket, and also this really cool pet shop. Awesome fluffy parrot says hello!

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