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January 26, 2013
On one of the weekends Tristan came to visit, we took a trip over to Freiburg (which is the closest large town in Germany) to see the city and to see Tristan's favorite soccer team, Bayer-Leverkusen, compete. The city itself isn't a big tourist destination; however, it's location at the edge of the Black Forest makes it a good starting out point for travels there -- though it was (and still is) far too cold for long nature trips.
We arrived in the early afternoon, and wondered the quaint streets.

The architecture is typical of the Baden-Wutemburg region of Germany (and Alsace for that matter)
 It reminded me a little of Mulhouse (which isn't surprising considering their proximity (about 45 minutes by car, according to google)). However, Freiburg is more like what Mulhouse would be like if more of it had been preserved.

We eventually made our way over to a local brewery to try out the local beer. 

It was tasty.

After that wandered around the city more, stopping to get snacks of NordSee and Bratwurst. Nomnom. 

Also, I met a pony. Most countries have people who beg with their dog; Germany has people who beg with their pony. We gave some change in exchange for a picture. 

The Cathedral and sausage stand.
After we'd finished, it was still a bit early to head to the game. So we went to a bar we'd read about online. Then it was game time!
Me and the mascot of the opposing team (Freiburg's).
The game ended in a draw, but we had fun anyway -- eating bratwurst, drinking beer, and freezing our hands off. 

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