Sunday, October 21, 2012

Phone Finally! (or don't send me any packages, because I live in a black hole)

Finally, after almost a month in France, I have a cellphone!
This took forever for a number of reasons. I decided very early on, that I was going to go with either SFR or Free, both which have unlimited calls to north america and France, unlimited texts, and 1gb of data per month for 20 euros. But I decided I would go with SFR because they had a better selection of phones. This required two things: one that I have a french bank account, and two, that I have a french debit card. I still don't have a debit card that works. Therefore, last weekend, I decided I would go with Free, which does not require you to use a french debit card. With Free, you have to order your sim card, wait for it to arrive and then order your phone. I did this, and my phone was supposed to arrive this Friday.
Though Fedex wasn't able to easily deliver a package here, I thought it might be different with a french company/post office. Unfortunately, this was not the case.
So then I got to call chronopost and explain to them how to deliver this package to me (in french!). So I call, but OF COURSE it couldn't be that easy. The machine tells me all lines are busy and to call back later. Twelve or so phone calls later, I finally get put on hold. Whoopy!  I finally get through to someone, and try to explain the problem to him. He wasn't super helpful. Could I pick it up at the a "relais colis," no but I could pick up the package at the distribution center in Mulhouse, where I was going to be on Saturday, anyway. The package would get there at 13h on saturday... but they close at 12. I asked if there was anyway it would get there earlier. He said no, I would have to pick it up on Monday (which is NOT possible for me). So I give up, I tell him to try to deliver it on Monday. I tell him to have the delivery person enter through the schools gate and have them take it to the Accueil (the people at the Accueil are not a big fan of me, by the way, because my key for the classrooms disappeared: "C'est très grave!" (disappeared as in it was on my key ring and then it wasn't -- not as in I misplaced it. I honestly don't think this is something I should be made to feel bad about.)). He says he'll have the delivery person call me when he gets here on Monday (sometime between 8-13 -- guess who works 8-13 on Mondays? Me). So I sigh and so okay, fine because what else am I going to do?
Well, Tristan convinced me to call them back later in the afternoon. This person was a lot more helpful, and had my package dropped off at a relais colis (because apparently that guy lied) Saturday morning. So now I have a phone :)

My first smartphone speaks French

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