Wednesday, February 6, 2013

La Balade Feerique

You should take bets on whether or not I will actually finish talking about this vacation before I go on the next one (which is in a week and half). Luckily, I'm not doing that much on that one... so I'll catch up eventually, I hope. This post should be a quick one.
Just to get you all back into the Christmas spirit.

This is my across the street neighbor and their cheerful  Christmas tree.
This guy was playing in a shop window

This was in the supermarket. I took a picture because apparently someone's idea of decorating a Christmas tree was throwing stuffed animals in it?

 But not as awesome as what Tristan and I discovered the Friday he arrived for our trip (our German Rail pass allowed us to leave from the Bale train station). Our train didn't leave until Saturday morning, so we went down to the Saint Louis Christmas market, which was pretty lame really except for this part: La Balade Feerique (which basically means the fairy-ey (fantastic or magical, I guess) stroll). It was a bunch of animatronic animals - and it was AWESOME.

Are you psyched for Christmas now? Because I know I am! :)

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