Friday, September 28, 2012

Back in France

I arrived in France on Wednesday, so I figured it's about time to start up the old blog again. First, I thought I might just continue writing in the blog I was using before, but I decided I wanted that one to be just Bordeaux. I can't seem to think of a name for this one though, perhaps something will occur to me after I have spent some time in my new home. I also am having trouble deciding what sort of layout to use for this blog--- I've spent loads of time on it, and I am still not sure if I like it! Anyways...
Speaking of my future home, I will be living in Saint-Louis, France. It's a small town right on the border of Switzerland and Germany that is essentially a suburb of Basel. If the english Wikipedia page is to be believed, it's most significant feature is its international airport, but it is also home to the largest lycée (a lycée is essentially a high school) in the region, Lycée Jean Mermoz. This is where I will be working. I will be living in a 3 bedroom apartment that is owned by the school with the German and Spanish (she's from Panama) teaching assistants. This apartment is about 3.6 km from the Germany, and about 1 km from Switzerland. So far this is the extent of my knowledge about this town which I will shortly be calling home. 
This Sunday, I will be taking the train the Saint Louis at around 1 and I will be staying the night with the family of my coordinator. Monday, I will be able to move into my apartment. Until then I am in Paris with Tristan and his family. 
So far, my time in Paris has consisted mostly of being sleepy and of researching phone plans (seriously, I've spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking about which phone plan I am going to get, but I think I finally have it settled). Granted, I've only really been here for two days. 
But today we spent most of the day out. We did some window shopping, had a terribly awkward conversation with a phone seller, and then we had Chipotle for lunch at the first Chipotle in France which just opened up a month or so ago. It was delicious and it's comforting to know there is some decent Mexican food around.

There's nothing like Chipotle to make you feel at home. It looks sort of silly in France though.
 Also, between the awkward conversation and the Chipotle meal, I almost had my foot crushed by a GIGANTIC truck that decided it would be a good idea to pull onto the curb even though there were pedestrians RIGHT THERE. And then I had my first french mcFlurry since the Bordeaux days. They do them so much better here! So all in all, an exciting morning.
Then we spent the afternoon at the Orsay, which has changed a bit since I saw it last. Namely, they have opened up an entire upper level which features many of the impressionist paintings they had before and stunning views of the city, viewed through the face of a clock. 

Of course, everyone wanted to take pictures. 

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